Friday, October 16, 2009

Still working on pictures and a goodbye...

Well, we still haven't quite got the camera set up to this computer yet, so I don't have the final pictures.

Yes, the FINAL pictures. We ended up having to bring the puppies and Maida back a little early because I threw out my back and knew I wouldn't be able to continue caring for them their last two weeks.

It was hard, but they were getting very close to adoption time and I'm sure that they ended up in another great foster home for their last two weeks!

In fact, they are already up on the Humane Society website!! To check them out, click here.

We appreciate all of you who followed us in our fostering experience. We appreciated being able to help out this family of dogs, and we might even consider fostering again in the future. :) Our animals have settled back into their routines, though it did take them a few days to figure out that the foster dogs were no longer here. I think our own dog, Finley, appreciated being the only one again though. So perhaps next time we'll try fostering kittens and a mama cat.

We'd love to have you share your foster experiences with us! If you send them to us we can post them here on the blog. Just drop us a line at this link.

Thanks! And good luck Maida, Senga and Sorley!!

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