Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Everyone's ready for Pre-Adoption!

The puppies went in for their vaccinations, and are now available for Pre-Adoption! That's right, Senga and Sorley can now start being considered for their forever homes! Maida is also able to be considered, and is doing better every week!

To find out more information about adopting one of the puppies or Maida, please contact Kara, the foster care coordinator at the Nebraska Humane Society. You can email her at fostercare@nehumanesociety.org or call her at 402-444-7800 ext. 264.

Sorley and Senga turned 5 weeks old on Friday. They are almost completely weaned and enjoy eating Maida's "grown up" food. They enjoy playing with each other and with humans, though Senga is still the more outgoing of the two for the most part. They got their first experience outside this week and had a lot of fun once they got over their fright of having collars on and a leash attached (not for walking, just for making sure they didn't leave a safe area). Sorley will probably outgrow his leash sometime later this week, he is growing so fast! Senga still has some time to fill hers out before switching to a larger collar.

We only have them for two more weeks before they all head back to the Humane Society! If you are thinking of adopting one of them, contact Kara and then we can try to work out a time for you to meet them.

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Thanks! I'll add pictures later, as we are in the process of moving our camera software over to a different computer.

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