Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4 weeks old! Only 3 weeks to go!

The puppies turned 4 weeks old last Friday! They have really become adventurous and playful, although they still stop suddenly for the much needed nap in between games. :)

Sorley is still the bigger of the two, and his fur has become quite thick and a little wavy! We have no doubt he'll have similar fur to his mom Maida, if not a little thicker. As most people have commented when they meet him, he really looks like a fat little panda bear right now - super cute!

Senga has become the outgoing one, and she loves to play with humans! She even gives kisses already, and has started demanding belly rubs just like a big dog. She is still about half the size of Sorley but still at the right size for her age. Her red and white fur is still shorter except for around her mane, which is starting to get a bit longer.

Maida is progressing well - we now get at least one or two tail wags from her each day!! She started going to the bathroom on her walk last week (that's a big first step!) and enjoys going out into the yard now. After one adventurous leap over the fence, though, she has decided not to stray too far from the side door (I think she could tell how panicked I was that she had gotten out of our yard and was playing around in the field behind our yard). She still isn't too keen on men, and has a habit of assuming that every hand that comes toward her has food in it and when it doesn't she isn't terribly interested in being petted. She is a quiet dog for the most part, and has only barked once when we forgot to feed her (so she had every right!). We worry the most about her, because even though puppies can learn quickly, a dog like her that came from such a primitive situation has a hard time learning to be a good housepet.

Overall, it has been quite the experience for us! My husband has made me promise that we won't foster another dog again, though I really think it is more the messy puppies that has turned him off. Boy do they stink up a room fast!! They are still too little for housetraining or we'd give it a try. Then again, he has developed quite the attachment to little Senga because of how attached she is to him... so that could be part of it, too... I think he is going to hate seeing her go!

I think this has taught us quite a few things, and we are now a little over halfway through our first foster experience!

If you currently foster dogs, and would like to do a guest post here, please let us know! We will probably not have another foster experience until after the holidays (we want to be able to reclaim the guest room for people), so I'd like to have submissions from other foster families to help keep this blog going! I think that the more education there is out there about what fostering a dog is like, the more people may consider trying it themselves. Just leave a comment here, or you can email us through our online store: http://www.javajesspublishing.com , go to the "Contact Us" page and fill out the form. Thanks!

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