Friday, September 11, 2009

Even for puppies, S*&t happens

lol, ok I didn't want to put the actually word into the title, but you'll definitely catch my drift once you see the picture. This picture was taken when the puppies were 11 days old. Little Senga decided she was going to crawl over her brother's head to get to her mama, and apparently on the way over decided she'd leave him a little "gift". Chris and I were both in the room that time cleaning, so we saw it right away and just burst out laughing! The funniest part was poor little Sorley didn't even realize he had a head full of poo until his mama started cleaning him, and then he awoke and began screaming his little puppy scream louder than we had ever heard! Poor thing! ;) Senga didn't seem to care one bit, she was already having her dinner during the bathing process.

As gross as it is to see Maida licking poo off her pups (and anywhere else they leave it at this point), I think we were both a little relieved that we wouldn't have to figure out a way to clean him up.

On another note, our dog Finley was seeming to do fine with the fosters, until right before this. We had FINALLY gotten Maida to go potty outside (she'd been holding in the #2's and peed twice in the house already), and Fin decided he needed to roll around in it. A day after we had given him his bath, of course. So we gave him his bath and headed to bed that evening, and around 2am Fin woke me up begging to go outside. Now, for most dogs that's probably normal, but Fin NEVER begs to go out at night. I let him out and let Chris know what was going on. After a bit we called him to come back in, which he did. But then 3:30am hit and the next thing we hear is Fin vomiting everywhere in the bedroom! :( And the SMELL... this was no ordinary vomit, this was full on "Poomit".... apparently, he had not only rolled in Maida's poo but also eaten it for some reason! Super nasty!! He vomited several more times over the next 24 hours before he got it all out of his system, and we made sure to get outside and clean the little bit that was left of her poo.

Now we are trying to get her to go again, but once again she is holding it in (it would have been soooo much more helpful if Fin hadn't gotten into her poo, because then she'd be more likely to go in that same spot knowing it was hers). We are also taking her to a different portion of the yard where Fin doesn't have priveleges, in case we can get her to go again, so she gets used to going outside in her "spot" without him being able to get into it.

Who knew fostering would be this crazy!?!

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