Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hello and Welcome!

Originally, my husband and I were strictly pet people. We refused to consider the option that we should foster animals because we figured we'd get too attached (and therefore not want to give the foster animal(s) back) or that we'd be terrible at it since we are already pretty busy.

We came up with many excuses, but in the end we were told a great motto by a wonderful gal named Cordi, who was the foster mother to our dog Finley prior to adoption:

"If you adopt a dog, you save one life. If you foster dogs, you save many."

It was like a lightbulb went off. Truly. And the more we thought about it, and talked about it with other foster families, the more we thought "yeah, maybe we COULD do that!"

Of course, we didn't actively pursue it, because even thinking that we could didn't mean we actually did. ;) Until the day we received an email from a wonderful gal named Karen, who runs the Nebraska Border Collie Rescue, stating that they had gotten another batch of rescue dogs from a particular facility in Oklahoma at the local Humane Society, and there too many that were pregnant so they needed foster families!!

Now, we weren't exactly planning on starting out with a mama dog AND puppies. In fact, at first my husband was adamantly against it. I couldn't blame him... I was a little hesitant myself. But then I figured it'd be ok just to say that we'd never done it before, but if they really needed it and could provide us with what we would need, we'd be willing to do it.

We didn't hear back at first, leading Chris to believe we were off the hook (and I think it also gave him some peace of mind). But a couple of weeks later, I got the call from the Nebraska Humane Society, asking if we could take in a mama dog and her two puppies.

Since it was only two puppies, it was a little easier to say yes. ;)

And now here we are, 3 days later. I finally was able to get the pictures uploaded onto my Facebook account, and with the many funny capers we've already run into, I thought "hey, I could probably blog about this!"

This is that blog! I hope that it inspires some of you out there to give fostering a try if you are able.

First up after this post - an intro to the dogs, as well as their pictures!

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