Monday, September 21, 2009

Another "pupdate"

First, these are a few photos from when the pups were about 16 or 17 days old.

The puppies turned 3 weeks old on Friday! Boy have they grown! Sorley is now the more quiet and shy one, though he is usually more amiable to being held by humans. Senga is now the louder, more adventurous one! She loves to yip and run around the room, and is very interested in exploring outside of her room... well, at least out into the hallway so far. She doesn't like to be held as much and usually starts wailing for her mom. Thankfully Maida seems to understand that we aren't hurting her, just holding her.

Sorley has grown more into his body, but is still about twice the size of Senga. It could be because he's a bit more lazy, though! And he is looking cuter every day. Senga has developed a fun playfulness and loves to run and wag her tail. The two pups love to play with each other, especially playing "pounce" and biting each other's tails!! They are currently exploring with their teeth more than anything else, as puppies are prone to do.

Both are also eagerly "trying" their mama's food!! They can't chew it yet, but they like to lick it and pick it up in their mouths and then drop it on the floor outside the bowl.

Maida is also making great progress - smiling more, enjoying being petted, and even wagging her tail! She is still very jumpy and doesn't like fast movements or loud noises. She has quite a bit of curiosity towards the cats but hasn't shown any aggression towards them which is good. She has decided that if Finley, our resident dog, does something then she can too. So he has helped her learn more about going out into the yard to play and go potty, and how to get in and out of the car (we're still working on that one). She shows a bit of a herding instinct, though, so we do make sure to keep an eye on her as she tends to try to "herd" Finley (and he, being quite the submissive one, goes right along with it). She had her first shots on Friday, and did very well considering the long drive to the Humane Society (they are across town from us, about a 30-40 minute drive or so).

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